“One of the best methods I have found for covering content

“One of the best methods I have found for covering content in an engaging manner is to hold an informal debate. Having students argue why a particular organelle is the best one in the cell is an amusing activity that covers a lot of factual information about cell structure and function.

In this activity, students are also allowed to “bash” other students’ assigned organelles, as long as their arguments are factual and not personal. Since the debate takes place before any instruction, it forces students to work together to find information and formulate a persuasive argument.”
“Automated imaging has become a commonplace GSK2126458 and widespread technique for researchers aiming to increase both biological and medical knowledge. Systematic high-throughput screening approaches produce a vast amount of data that needs to

be quantified automatically. To address this problem, we present an extended version of the open-source MATLAB toolbox Gait-CAD providing integrated tools for automated image analysis, Quizartinib mw video object tracking and data mining. Gait-CAD offers a convenient graphical user interface (GUI) and is shipped with a great selection of predefined, customizable plugins for both image analysis and data mining. The plugin-based architecture and templates for customized tools provide easy expandability in order to develop comprehensive data-analysis pipelines. Process automation via batch-files and macro recording functionality enables the handling of large datasets like multi-dimensional 2D or 3D images and videos. The scope of the presented tools

ranges from automated high-throughput toxicity testing in zebrafish embryos to cellular analysis tasks in developmental biology. In both examples, the toolbox is successfully applied for pre-processing, normalization, segmentation and tracking of spatio-temporal microscopy images, as well as for subsequent data mining and report generation. As automatically acquired images tend to differ in each recording, LDK378 researchers can significantly accelerate parameter adjustments, process automation and result visualization by using the presented software. The toolbox is not limited to these applications, but they already reveal the great potential of the extended Gait-CAD release. The presented toolbox is a powerful instrument for data analysis in life sciences. A user-friendly GUI provides functionality to create sophisticated approaches even for users with limited programming knowledge. Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU-GPL), the toolkit is freely available and can be downloaded at http://sourceforge.net/projects/gait-cad/.”
“BACKGROUND: Sorption-desorption processes govern the movement of pesticides in soil. These processes determine the potential hazard of the pesticide in a given environment for groundwater contamination and need to be investigated.

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