Kaempferol of xenograft Similar to those obtained with 2 turns of AZD1152

Ow, compared to AML cell lines, which at a low spread. Based on these RESTRICTIONS LIMITATION, we went to the effect of AZD1152 with an in vivo model of AML to investigate. Kaempferol Effects of AZD1152 on in vivo h Matopoetische experiences Preferences INDICATIVE ESE of M Mice were performed to determine whether AZD1152 was in NOD / SCID mice-M Well tolerated. There was no significant negative effect on the weight of 12-week-old NOD / SCID, when AZD1152 was administered as an infusion on two consecutive weeks at 25mg/kg/day. The average weight of Mice Before drug delivery was 17.9 g and had tats after treatment Chlich something green He interprets as 19.5 g This suggests that the overall health of the NOD / SCID-M Mice not greatly affected by AZD1152 treatment. n9 at least 15 weeks, p0.512.
Continuing treatment by a second cycle of AZD1152 for a week to 14 weeks, has not reduced the percentage of remaining xenograft. The JAK inhibition cohort of Mice, with the prim Ren AML cells were implanted, and then left untreated for 14 weeks before analysis featured a big s percentage of human cells in their marrows. Treatment at this stage 14 weeks, with a cycle of AZD1152 for a period of one week this percentage reduced to a level of xenograft Similar to those obtained with 2 turns of AZD1152 treatment at weeks 11 and 14. Effects of AZD1152 HQPA cord blood stem cells in vitro prim Ren to explore the effect of AZD1152 treatment on the growth of normal human hours Hematopoietic Etic stem / precursor cells shore, Conducted an in vitro evaluation of AZD1152 HPQA. Cord blood line negative cells were treated with 10 nM, 100 nM and 1000nm HPQA AZD1152.
A dose- Independent effect of AZD1152 on HQPA growth and differentiation of precursor Shore cells after exposure was observed for two weeks. Dosages controlled Led to the 53 250 colonies / ml of 1000 cells / ml, 12 635 with 10 nM and 100 nM reduced with AZD1152 HQPA Luteolin 3418th AZD1152 in 1000nm HQPA no colonies were observed after 2 weeks. In a pattern Similar to the methyl cellulose test, an effect dependent Ngig on the concentration of AZD1152 HQPA on the growth of h Hematopoietic cells in liquid culture Ethical standard was observed. at the end of the first week, the average total number of tests carried out cell growth in triplicate Delta 2 was 2.6 1065.4 × × 105 cells / well for controls, 1.8 × 1065.7 × 104-10 nM, 2.9× 1057.
1 × 104-100 nM and below the threshold for accurate Z select the 1000nm HQPA AZD1152-treated wells. The surviving cells were seeded for 7 days t and cultivated, are more for 4 weeks. As summarized in Figure 4B, further surviving cells with a Hnlichen speed to untreated cells proliferate. To shore of precursor cells to the issue Study, cells from liquid culture in methyl cellulose cultures were plated at the end of each week. The number of colonies / well was AZD1152 HQPA a konzentrationsabh Reduced ngigen way. Producing colonies continue after the withdrawal HQPA AZD1152, indicating the presence of surviving precursor Shore cells at weeks 2 and 3 of the test. at the end of the first week, the cells were also harvested for analysis of cell cycle distribution and percentage of apoptosis / necrosis. In a pattern Similar to that of the in vitro effect of AZD1152 HPQA AML, there was a concentration effect h Depends on the proportion of cells that were either apoptosis or dead. This cell death occurred simultaneously with

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