It is also intended to have the possibility of the use of the dat

It is also intended to have the possibility of the use of the data in a preliminary structural design stage. Since the complexity of the experimental setup for evaluating a planar inclusion in a solid component, numerical modeling is always desirable. There are currently very few available solutions of stress intensity factors for the embedded cracks in a solid cylinder in literature. In this work, the planar inclusion was considered as an embedded (penny/elliptical) crack. Stress intensity factors (SIFs) of an embedded crack for different crack aspect ratios, crack eccentricities

and crack inclinations are presented. All the analyses were carried out by using a dual boundary element method (DBEM) based software. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights see more reserved.”
“To precisely ablate tumor in radiation BVD-523 therapy, it is important to locate the tumor position in real time during treatment. However, respiration-induced tumor motions are difficult to track. They are semi-periodic and exhibit variations in baseline, frequency and fundamental pattern (oscillatory amplitude and shape). In this study, we try to decompose the above-mentioned components from discrete observations

in real time. Baseline drift, frequency (equivalently phase) variation and fundamental pattern change characterize different aspects of respiratory motion and have distinctive clinical indications. Furthermore, smoothness is a valid assumption for each one of these components in their own spaces, and facilitates effective extrapolation click here for the purpose of estimation and prediction. We call this process ‘profiling’ to reflect the integration of information extraction, decomposition, processing and recovery. The proposed method has three major ingredients: (1) real-time baseline and phase estimation based on elliptical shape tracking

in augmented state space and Poincare sectioning principle; (2) estimation of the fundamental pattern by unwarping the observation with phase estimate from the previous step; (3) filtering of individual components and assembly in the original temporal-displacement signal space. We tested the proposed method with both simulated and clinical data. For the purpose of prediction, the results are comparable to what one would expect from a human operator. The proposed approach is fully unsupervised and data driven, making it ideal for applications requiring economy, efficiency and flexibility.”
“Covasala O, Stirn SL, Albrecht S, De Col R, Messlinger K. Calcitonin gene-related peptide receptors in rat trigeminal ganglion do not control spinal trigeminal activity. J Neurophysiol 108: 431-440, 2012. First published April 25, 2012; doi:10.1152/jn.00167.2011.-Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) is regarded as a key mediator in the generation of primary headaches.

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