GSK1349572 S/GSK1349572 of androgens in the middle of the ovary in the micro-patients

Rdless stimulation GSK1349572 S/GSK1349572 of gonadotropins. It was also reported that inadequate levels of endogenous androgens by ovarian sensitivity to FSH and associated reduced pregnancy rate after IVF low. Based on these data has been hypothesized that a Erh Increase the concentration of androgens in the middle of the ovary in the micro-patients who do poorly in an increase in the number and maturity of oocytes after ovarian stimulation for IVF. Therefore, the use of androgens or androgens and various modulating agent has been proposed. These include Ma took: Pretreatment with transdermal testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone with treatment, most of aromatase inhibitors, the addition of recombinant luteinizing hormone, and the addition of human chorionic gonadotropin for ovarian stimulation.
The transdermal testosterone or DHEA pretreatment pretreatment with transdermal testosterone or DHEA as a PI Doyer been proposed R and effectively increased Hen the concentration of intraovarian androgens. Recently published Software released controlled trials Randomized strips evaluated undergoing transdermal testosterone or DHEA pretreatment in poor responders ovarian stimulation for Vismodegib IVF, with inconclusive results. The addition of aromatase inhibitors was also proposed that the use of aromatase inhibitors k Can also be of advantage. This is due to the fact that aromatase activity T of the key for the production of estrogen from androgens is based in granulosa cells. Thus k nnte Inhibition of aromatase activity T is the concentration of intraovarian androgens by blocking its aromatization obtained in hen Estrogens.
RCTs have been conducted recently, the evaluation of aromatase inhibitors also in the stimulation of Eierst skirts are not conclusive. Pre-treatment or the addition of rLH during ovarian stimulation with gonadotropins Gem of the two cells two gonadotropin theory, the stero Follicular Dogense Ren does not occur without the presence of luteinizing hormone, because LH stimulates the production of androgens by the theca cells. Sun luteinizing hormone activity t is essential to secure the levels of androgens and F Promotion of stero Dogense appropriate and intraovarian follicle growth. At the same time it was pointed out that the use of GnRH analogues suppress pituitary may need during the stimulation of Eierst skirts may be closing Lich to extremely low levels of endogenous LH and lead compromisethe the chance of pregnancy.
Therefore, it was argued that pre-treatment with rLH or the addition of rLH w During stimulation of Eierst skirts with recombinant gonadotropins may stimulate Eierst skirts optimize and thus be beneficial k Nnte with poor response. Although many researchers have tried the efficacy of adding rLH in this category of patients in randomized clinical trials to assess the context, there is still considerable controversy. The addition of hCG has been shown that the LH activity of t by the addition of hCG in the sp Th stages of the stimulation of Eierst CKE Made available in a position to f rdern And coins to erg, The growth of big s is follicles. Hence rLH, pretreatment may be with the addition of hCG or w During stimulation of Eierst skirts a promising alternative to poor response IVF. Given the conflicting or ambiguous data on the effectiveness of

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