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Welcome. Durability, reps Opportunity and long-term effectiveness of the CART series, even in patients with Dehydrogenase cancer langj Years of experience, and treatment of high resistance. The management of these patients also become more difficult, however. For instance, contains Lt when their sharing plans basket two or three fully active drugs When chemotherapy is to understand fully with at least three active drugs, the nucleoside reverse transcriptase Most guidelines are vague and recommended treatments, which is composed of two or preferably three, fully active, it is important to identify patient to the properties and prognostic factors with h Higher antiretroviral efficacy in combination, because they often help the strategy when individual patients the new possibilities Therapiem.
In several pivotal studies comparing new antiretroviral drugs with placebo, analyzes of subgroups were performed to assess these factors, but most were not con Ue to show a significant effect between subgroups. New classes of drugs such as inhibitors of the chemokine receptor 5 and integrase inhibitors, the different phases of the replication cycle of HIV target, k Can BMS-582664 also HIV treatment. Some studies suggest that CCR5 inhibitors, the number of CD4 cells st Grow more strongly than any other new antiretroviral drugs. The current head-to-head trials controlled Randomized strips designed to test this theory. In the meantime, we may use the indirect comparisons with studies that compare the CCR5 inhibitors and other new drugs with placebo.
We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of RCTs, the new anti-retroviral drugs to placebo in patients, na Fs of antiretroviral therapy compared to OBT. We evaluated the overall effectiveness of the new virological and immunological antiretroviral drugs compared with placebo, and the factors associated with effectiveness. We have au Addition an indirect comparison between CCR5 inhibitors and other new drugs with immunological efficacy data after 48 weeks. Methods Inclusion criteria We included randomized controlled trials, the VER Were published or pr Presents at conferences between January 2003 and M March 2010. Eligible studies were those who experienced treatment HIV-infected patients with plasma HIV-1 RNA of at least 1000 copies / mL at the screening visit on stable antiretroviral therapy.
W48 to studies compared virological and immunological responses in patients on OBT and new antiretroviral drugs in patients with answers to the OBT plus placebo. New drugs include maraviroc and vicriviroc, enfuvirtide, raltegravir, etravirine, tipranavir and darunavir. When studies have evaluated multiple doses of a new drug, we were assigned to the only group to achieve the recommended dose. Although vicriviroc was not authorized at the time of data collection, it was in advanced clinical development. We included studies that were the 30 mg / day, in accordance with the Phase III clinical trials. The patients have been known as a treatment for their treatment of the history and / or current genotypic sensitivity score or ph Phenotypic sensitivity score based defined. Although definitions vary between studies, all patients had at least one NRTI, NNRTI and PI for a minimum of 3 or 6 months they genotypic or ph Documented phenotypic resistance to drugs had taken in at least two or three of these classes. We included studies in any language in

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